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Show details in Health Check!#73


New Health Check: Please make it possible to show details when identifying for example trackers. That would be of much help to know where they’re coming from … Thanks !

2 years ago
Changed the status to
Under consideration
2 years ago

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll look into it.

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Show Details !" to "Show details in Health Check!"
2 years ago

This has nothing to do with the attached suggestion. I just updated my CC Pro and the screens from CC look awful. The Health Check screen is very pale, little color and the opacity across the screen seems to be near 10%. Can’t read it. This is only with screens generated by CC, otherwise all of the rest of the computer screens are good.

6 months ago

Update mode is notified when there are new updates and health alerts so they know their daily health status foodle

14 days ago

You can try to play fireboy and watergirl, but the information provided is timely and beneficial. Very appealing!

7 days ago