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Don't log me out of websites after cleaning#2

When I run CCleaner (Custom Clean or Health Check) I get logged out of my favourite websites. I want to avoid this.

a year ago
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Working on it
a year ago
Changed the title from "Stay logged into my favourite websites after cleaning" to "Don't get logged out after cleaning"
a year ago
Changed the title from "Don't get logged out after cleaning" to "Don't log me out of websites after cleaning"
a year ago

Isn’t this just cookies to keep and saved passwords being unchecked for browsers. And using the smart cookie feature already available?

a year ago

Hi Nergal, it’s partly to do with making people more aware of Cookies to Keep and partly to do with making this list easier to use.

Regarding saved passwords, websites differ in behaviour. Some design their password forms in a way the browser can recognise, in which case it gets stored to that part of browser storage. However, many websites store ‘logged in’ status in a cookie, so when you visit a website even if the browser has your credentials saved, some websites will not automatically log you back in.

The improvements we want to make are mainly about prompting first-time users to whitelist any websites they don’t want to get logged out from, and also making it easy to do this in a single click.

We also want to make it easier for all users to whitelist their favourite websites. It’s quite a painstaking process to find all the websites you want to whitelist in the Cookies to Keep list. We’d like to automate this process into one or two button clicks. One possible way to achieve this could be to ask if the user wants to whitelist their bookmarked websites. But there may be other good options - all suggestions welcome!

Ideally, we additionally want to give a bit of education on the compromise between convenience (staying logged in) and privacy (allowing these websites to track you) so it’s clear to you what tradeoff is being made when you tell CCleaner not to delete cookies belonging to a certain website. This is quite a complicated topic to explain to the layperson (especially when you consider the relatively new practice of advertisers convincing websites to store an ad cookie under the website URL and not as belonging to Google or Facebook, for example). So due to the complexity, we may tackle this last part in a later update.

a year ago
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Merged Protection for log-ins on clean up.#90
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